Megatape 200m, 12mm, 10 S/S strands (MT200)

Megatape 200m, 12mm, 10 S/S strands (MT200)

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Farmgate Direct’s electric megatape is a great polytape for all farming types, featuring 10 stainless steel strands for added durability for tougher conditions and larger stock types.

The advantage of woven tapes over the common knitted method is that the weft passes both under and over the longitudinal warps – ensuring they will never unravel.  The conductivity wires lie along the tapes without any interruptions, guaranteeing continual conductivity.

  • 200 Metres (656 ft.)
  • 10 stainless steel strands
  • 12mm width
  • 3940 ohms/km resistance

Our electric megatape is manufactured in New Zealand to withstand the toughest conditions.