How do I place my order?

You can purchase Farmgate Direct products via our secure online store. Browse our products, and select the best electric tape or wire solution for you to your shopping cart. You can add as many items as you like to your cart while continuing to browse. You can review you cart (by clicking the ‘cart icon’ at the top right of your screen) at any time and remove any unwanted items as required before completing your purchase.

When you’re ready to buy, simply click the ‘cart icon’ and then hit the CHECKOUT button. This will take you to our secure payment screen. Fill in your payment and shipping details and your item will be on its way to you in no time.

How do I go about ordering a custom product?

Because we extrude and manufacture all of our electric fencing solutions from our Auckland factory, we can customise any of our electric tapes and wires to your specifications. To enquire about a made-to-order product or customizing a product within our standard range, please contact our team so we can tailor a quote to you.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Because we sell direct, you’ll find our products to be exceptionally well priced. For bulk order enquiries please contact our team to tailor a quote to you.

What payment methods do you accept?

Farmgate Direct accepts all major credit cards. Our secure payment gateway ensures your credit card information is safe when you place your order with us.


What are your shipping costs?

Shipping within New Zealand is FREE for orders of 5 reels or more. The cost of shipping for smaller orders of 1 – 4 reels is $9.00 within the North Island, and $12.50 within the South Island.

International shipping rates will be calculated at the checkout before you complete your purchase.

When will I receive my order and how will it be delivered?

Your items will be shipped via Courier. You can expect your order to arrive within 3-5 working days for New Zealand delivery, 5 – 10 days for delivery within Australia, and 10 – 15 days for international delivery.

What if my order arrives damaged?

Our team takes the utmost care with every order and carefully checks each item before despatch to customers.

While Farmgate Direct products are seldom delivered in less than perfect condition, we guarantee your satisfaction in the unlikely event a product is damaged in transit. Simply contact us within three days of receiving your purchase and we’ll assist you in arranging the return your purchase to us for replacement.


Do you have distributors in my location?

We have trusted distributors across the globe. You can view a list of our current international distributors here.

How do I go about becoming a distributor in my country ?

Farmgate Direct distributor licenses are available. Please contact our team to make an enquiry.


 What materials do you use for your wire strands?

We use stainless steel wire due to its cost effectiveness, efficiency, conductivity and extended life span. At Farmgate Direct, we use .20mm stainless steel wire. We find that using .15mm or .18mm simply does not pass our internal quality audits. Our products are made to stand out from the competition in terms of quality and their ability to withstand the harsh NZ conditions.

What type of ‘yarn’ do you use?

Farmgate Direct manufactures with High Density Polyethylene Monofilament. Our research confirms this versatile and durable product is the best material to withstand the rigours of farm life. Our New Zealand manufactured polyethylene has a UV Stability Resistance of 4%.

How far should the Electric Bungy stretch?

Good quality Electric Bungy can stretch to twice its relaxed state. This is not always advised, as pushing the rubber to its limit over time will cause it to lose it elasticity. So, we place a polyester sleeve over it to reduce the rubber reaching its maximum, then place polyethylene over that to ensure that it can stretch to 55 to 60% extra from its relaxed state. This allows the rubber to continue to have the elasticity for many seasons to come. By having the two sleeves over the rubber, it reduces the rubber being exposed when stretched (the grin), thus preventing the rubber from deteriorating over time.

Which is stronger; polywire or braided megawire?

As Megawire is braided compared to being twisted, it is by far stronger than Polywire or hotwire. Our braided Megawire is approx. 5mm wide and our Polywire is approx. 2.5mm wide. We are in the process out conducting tests on our tensile testing machine and will put up the results during the year.

What is the difference between Megatape and Polytape?

Poly tape is a common site on many NZ farms and is still very popular to this day. It is 12mm wide and has 6 x .20mm stainless-steel wire running through it. Megatape is also 12mm wide but has 10 x .20mm stainless steel wire running through it. For maximum current delivery customers choose the 10 wires over the 6 wires.

Why choose Power Wrapper wire over Polywire?

Polywire or Hotwire has been around for a very long time. It is made with a 5 Polyethylene strands plus 3 x stainless steel wires twisted together and then 3 of these are twisted again. Making polywire stronger than wrapper wire because of the twisting, but the twisting puts the stainless-steel wire throughout the twist and therefore not on the surface to ensure the current is felt. The wrapper wire has all the polyethylene through the centre, with 2 sets of 3 wires wrapping around the outside. Meaning the breaking strain is not as good as the polywire but the exposed wires do the job of delivering the current when needed. This makes it perfect for any animal with a longer coat.

What is UV stabiliser?

UV stabilisers in plastics usually act by absorbing the UV radiation preferentially and dissipating the energy as low-level heat. The chemicals used are similar to those in sunscreen products, which protect skin from UV attack. By making our own Polyethylene we control the quality of the raw material and add the maximum UV stabiliser into the Polyethylene to withstand the harsh NZ sun.

Where do you get the Polyethylene from?

Farmgate Direct has its own Polyethylene Extruder in Dunedin. This allows us to make high quality Polyethylene to meet our high standards. From the samples provided to us by many European/Eastern companies, we knew that what we were told to be in the Polyethylene is not always accurate, so we made the decision to make the Polyethylene ourselves. The difference can be seen in the quality of our products.

Why do you use multiple strands rubber in the bungy?

After many years of R & D, we found although it was easier to have a solid core bungy from a manufacturing process, if there was a flaw in the rubber at a set point, the product would fail. By having approx. 40 strands of 28-gauge rubber or 60 ends of 34-gauge rubber, it allows for the remote possibility of a factory flaw in a piece of rubber, but very unlikely that all 40 strands would have it at the exact same point. Meaning a bungy that will continue to stretch time after time.

What is the difference between Power wrapper and Super Wrapper wires?

Wrapper wire has all the Polyethylene through the centre, with 2 sets of 3 wires wrapping around the outside. Power wrapper has 15 Polyethylene 1000 Denier ends through the middle and Super Wrapper has 25 Polyethylene 1000 Denier ends through the middle. Super Wrapper wire is simply a heavier duty version of Power Wrapper wire. All our Polyethylene has UV stabiliser added to ensure it stands the test of time under the harsh NZ sun.


Are your products customisable?

Yes, as we are the manufacturer of the products, we can adjust items. We have had people request 1000m rather than 500m or more rubber in the bungy to make it thicker. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and will try to tailor a product to your needs.

Can I order a different length of any product?

Yes you can, but with any variation we need to ensure it can be done and the setup changes are factored into the price of the unit.


Does this comply with Health & Safety for NZ?

Under NZ Health and Safety laws, all companies need to ensure that they take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their employees. For us, this means continuing to make white products for visibility but also coming up with other products so they can be seen on the farm landscape. We have developed reflective bungy to be seen in lower light levels, orange bungy for higher visibility, Red/White Gate Tape to ensure works can see fence openings. We have even manufacturer orange Braided Mega Wire for a customer who wanted maximum visibility.

Are these products NZ made?

We are proud to be manufactured in NZ! With a factory in East Tamaki, Auckland, machinery in Christchurch and our Polyethylene extruder in Dunedin, we employee New Zealanders to make NZ made farming products to be used on NZ farms. By controlling the raw Polyethylene being extruded in NZ, we ensure that we put in the maximum UV stabiliser into our products.

Is the company owned by New Zealanders?

Farmgate Direct is owned by Carl & Kirsty Wall and Troy Surch. They are all passionate about keeping manufacturing in NZ and employing New Zealanders to make NZ made products for New Zealanders.


I have another question – how can I get in touch?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team toll free within New Zealand on 0800 31 21 11, or by calling +64 9 274 5309 from overseas.

You can also use our contact page or send us an email at orders@farmgatedirect.co.nz - we will get back to you as soon as possible.