Looking for premium quality electric fencing wire and tape, direct from the manufacturer?

New Zealand owned and operated, Farmgate Direct is proud to manufacture and supply durable braided wire and woven tape electric fencing. Our high conductivity and low resistance products are capable of conducting long distances, and our highly visible tapes will secure valuable livestock in any situation.

If you use electric fences on your farm, you can trust Farmgate Direct electric wire and tapes to hold ALL livestock in any paddock, field or strip-grazing situation – regardless of conditions or terrain.

A Reputation for Excellence

Farmgate Direct has been manufacturing electric fence braid and tape for the last 15 years, supplying both local Kiwi farmers and the export market through Australia, the Americas, and Europe.

Our clients trust the quality of our electric tapes and wire, and notice a significant difference in quality and durability of our New Zealand made electric fencing solutions compared with inferior quality overseas products.


New Zealand Made Farm Wire  100% New Zealand Made

Farmgate Direct manufactures all of our electric fencing tape and wire right here in New Zealand. We’re so dedicated to offering the highest quality, we even manufacture our own polyethylene extruded plastic for all of our products – to provide us with complete quality control from start to finish.

As the owners of Australasia’s only 100-strand polyethylene extruder, we can guarantee quality to a level that others can’t. Manufacturing our own extruded products gives us the added benefit of adding UV resistance and controlling the batch mix to meet the harshest conditions.

Because we extrude and manufacture our products in our New Zealand factory, we’re not at the mercy of overseas suppliers – and we can customise your order to your specifications, so you get exactly what you need, direct from the Kiwis that made it.