Powerwrapper Wire 500m, 2mm, 6 S/S strands (PW500)

Powerwrapper Wire 500m, 2mm, 6 S/S strands (PW500)

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Farmgate Direct’s exposed electric powerwrapper wire packs a real punch. Likened to polywire, our powerwrapper wires are wrapped around the polyethylene and are all touching at the same time – resulting in tremendous conductivity.

Our powerwrapper wire product will not unravel and relaxes off the reel. Because it won't catch the wind like tape can, it tends to be used in windy areas in a normal grass breakfeed situation.

  • 500 Metres (1640 ft.)
  • 6 stainless steel strands
  • 2mm width
  • 4170 ohms/km resistance
  • Breaking strain of 57 kgs

Our exposed electric powerwrapper wire is manufactured in New Zealand to withstand the toughest conditions.