Technical Information

Raw Materials - Yarn

High Density Polyethylene Monofilament is the yarn.  Our research has confirmed that this versatile and durable product is the best material to withstand the rigours of farm life.  Our New Zealand manufactured Polyethylene has a UV Stability Resistance of 4%.

Raw Materials - Wire Strands

We use stainless steel wire.  Stainless steel is the most cost effective wire and has an extended life span.

Manufacturing Process:

Braided Wire (Megabraid)

Our special High Density Polyethylene Monofilament and Stainless Steel are wound on to bobbins and braided with circular braiders.

The advantages of this method against the cheaper twisted method are:

  • Megabraid will not unravel - the interwoven threads of polyethylene and wire prevent unravelling.  This also makes the product considerably stronger.
  • Megabraid relaxes off the reel because the polyethylene strands are braided in opposite directions in the construction process.  Compare this to twisting where all the strands are bound together by the twist in the same direction.
  • Megabraid has a smooth surface and will not cut into plastic insulators or through the plastic coating on the top of an electric fence standard.  In windy or exposed areas, this means the insulator will not be damaged and won't arc.
  • Megabraid is a true braid, (that is it does not have a core of normal twine with the polyethylene and wire braided around it which when subjected to any wear and tear, will separate from the core with a corresponding loss in effectiveness). 

Woven Tapes

The advantage of woven tapes as against the common knitted method, is that the weft passes both under and over the longitudinal warps, ensuring they will never unravel.  The conductivity wires lie along the tapes without any interruptions, guaranteeing continual conductivity.

Wrapper Wires


This product is likened to polywire but the difference with our product is that the wires are wrapped around the polyethylene and are all touching at the same time resulting in tremendous conductivity being achieved (4170 OHMS / KM).

  • It is marketed in 200 and 500 metre spools which will fit onto a standard reel.
  • It tends to be used in windy areas (ie - it won't catch the wind like tape) in a normal grass breakfeed situation.
  • It will not unravel and relaxes off the reel.
  • Breaking strain is 57 kgs.
  • 6 stainless steel strands results in end product being 2mm.